We create customer experience.
Work with us on your
omnichannel solutions.
We create customer experience.
Work with us on your
omnichannel solutions.
Finance Industry

Digital touchpoints overtake the clients from traditional outlets. The ease of increasing commitment and quality of Customer Experience is essential for succeding against competitors.

  • Omnichannel experience research&strategy
  • Customer&Business Banking for all platforms
  • Sales&Qutations systems for insurance market
  • Analitics and conversion optimization

Our experience of working with uselab included imprssive flexibility and close cooperation. We received actionable recommendations and very good insights in the process. Working in this manners gave us a lot of confidence.

Marta Dałkiewicz
Senior Brand Manager
Getin Noble Bank S.A.

high quality performance and timely delivery. uselab is a reliable partner for analysis of Human Experience in complex IT solutions. High class professionals in user oriented methodology.

Kees Huige
Project Director, Department of Virtual and Digitak Products
"Operations excellence"
Telecommunication & Media Industry

TV broadcasters and Telecommunication providers are more and more in the same business now. Client traffic and churn are the reality of their industry. Improving experience across all touchpoints between the customer and provider is crucial for customer satisfaction. We know how to design for loyalty.

  • Omnichannel experience research&strategy
  • Sales and customer experience across channels
  • Design for multi screen Experience
  • POS Experience Solutions
Retail & Commerce

Trade is no longer a shop. It’s time to merge all your outlets into Omnichannel Experience. Experience that will involve and attach your client. Let us increase your sales by creating a more involving strategy.

  • Omnichannel commerce research&startegy
  • Digital Ecosystem design
  • Analitics and conversion optimization
  • Instore Experience solutions

People are more mobile and development oriented than ever. As states and cities compete talent becomes a commodity. State of tomorrow do everything to meet expectations of their citizens. Be the change!

  • Smart Cities solutions
  • Service Design for public offices
  • Cusotmer Experience resarch&strategy
  • Acessibility standards

Even the most complex hard IT system can create great Human Experience. We help best IT developers to design their products in more usable way. Users reach out for more complex solutions. Hard IT can benefit handsomely if develops user friendly front.

  • Systemy ERP, CRM, BI
  • Experience Analitics solutions
  • Usability testing and UX Design
  • Innovation and product development

When human life is at stake the response time and accessibility of the remedy becomes matter of life and death. Creating ecosystem of health tracking, risk assesment and insightfull diagnostics is great opportunity of today.

  • Mediacal apps for professionalns
  • Medical Devices Interfaces
  • Personal Helthcare Solutions
  • Innovation and product desing

Knowledge is power. Everything we do comes from our expert knowledge. It’s backed up with evidence and experience. We do whole variety of research - to show you complete picture and draw insightful conclusions.


Our experts can help you shape your entire presence - with our knowledge we can help you to approach your customer in the most effective way. We can make sure that all the resources invested in your brand are aimed in the right direction.


We create amazing concepts and then we put the into life. Our team of design experts can prepare and implement projects for any platform. We know we can, we have done it for over 150 clients.


We teach. Industries about importance of the Human Experience. Students of several universities on Experience Design and Design Thinking. Professionals about new trends during our UX Poland - largest CEE usability conference.

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