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Founded in 2007 uselab is a concept, strategy, and design company focused on creating unique cross-channel experience across all touchpoints with the company. We’re a team of leaders in the field of research, design, and strategy. We’re focused on Customer and User Experience. Based on data and research we design people friendly, products, and services. Within the last eight years we have completed projects in over 20 countries around the world.

200 clients
25 countries
350 projects
4500 people tested
Hubert Anyżewski CEO

Human perspective modeling

We use qualitative and quantitative research methods to better understand your customers and users.

Wiesław Kotecki Head of Client Service

Clients' time matters

We respect your time and we engage your team only when necessary.

Dream big, but be realistic

Great products and services are developed from a mix of great ideas, technical capabilities, and organizational capacity.

Maciej Ząbek Director of Operations

Lifetime engagement warranty

Our projects are protected by our quality assurance. We optimize projects after launch.

Piotr Słowik Experience Design Director
Bartosz Dobrowolski Customer Success Director

Smart customized process

We know what we want to achieve, but every project is different so it requires different tools.

Bartosz Jurkowski Customer Success Manager

Goals oriented

We believe that only balance between user needs, business goals and organizational capabilities can create true value and opportunities.

Experience everywhere

Every person has their expectations and emotions both in their digital and real life.

Mikołaj Humienny Art Director

Human oriented data driven design

We don’t make blind shots. Our designs are based on numbers and research. It’s not a game. It’s a business.



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we're a part of

UXFellows is a circle of specialized user experience research agencies around the world. Uselab, as part of this network, engages in multicultural international user research and design projects for customers from all parts of the world.

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we're supporting

We’re partners with UX Design Studies (University of Social Sciences and Humanities). For over 4 years we have been helping to educate people about how to change the world by making products and services more usable and friendly. Over 200 hours divided into 6 subject blocks every year. More than half of the time is spent on practical, hands on workshops with mentors and experienced professionals.

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6 years ago we organized the first UX conference in Poland and the biggest in Central Europe. Since then over 1500 participants have attended our lectures and workshops delivered by more than 120 carefully selected professionals from all continents of the globe. The UXPoland conference has already hosted our friends from IDEO, Frog Design, KLM, Microsoft, Spotify ,and Booking.com. We spread the knowledge, share international trends, and spark new ideas.

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our lab

  • a well equipped Test Room with a One-Way Mirror, where we perform one on one usability tests as well as co – creation sessions with up to ten participants
  • a Control Room, which can comfortably accommodate 4 – 6 people
  • laptops, mobile devices and TV sets - all that’s needed to run the UX study
  • cameras, microphones, headphones, screen recording and preview software - all that’s needed to record and observe test sessions
  • a dedicated translator on stand by
  • we also provide a professional recruitment service

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